First Husband Brad McDill? Find All The Details About Him

A lot of you may know that Meghan King Edmonds does have a fair share of relationships in her life. Even though she doesn’t like to talk about it much, did you know that Brad McDill was one of her husbands of Meghan? However, that relationship didn’t work out as a lot of you may already know.

So, as we said earlier, she doesn’t like to talk about her early marriages that ended up as failures. However, she doesn’t have any choice now because the news is officially out. In fact, it’s also worth noting that Meghan King Edmonds does speak a lot about her ex-husband Jim Edmonds’ marriage failures.

Well, now we have the news that she did in fact tied the knot once with Brad Mcdill. So, who is Brad and where he is right now and why did their relationship end up in failure? You will get all the answers to these questions in this article.

Edmonds Tied Knots With Brad In Her 20s

According to the sources, Meghan from St. Louis tied the knot with a lawyer named Brad McDill in the year 2007. In fact, Meghan was just 22 at that time. She graduated from her Mississippi university when they tied the marital knot in July 2007. However, their marriage lasted only 4 years as they decided to separate in 2011.

The reason for their divorce was differences in opinion. In fact, Meghan described her divorce from Brad McDill as an amicable and easy one.

A Bit On Brad, The First Husband Of Meghan

So, from his LinkedIn profile, it appears that Brad McDill lives in Jackson, Mississippi, and is a lawyer. In addition, he is also a partner in the Hubbard Mitchell Williams & Strain, PLLC law firm. He has acquired a bachelor’s degree from the Mississippi state university.

Moving On From The Relationship

So, as per the reports, after their divorce, Meghan changed her name back to her maiden name. In fact, the divorce papers also reveal that she walked away from the relationship with her personal things, money, and a joint checking account.

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