Amy Schneider: Before Surgery, She Couldn’t Lift a 10-Pound Bag of Potatoes

You may have heard about the woman who got a breast implant that expanded and ruptured. When her insurance company denied payment for the procedure, she fought back and won. In the process, she found a champion for her cause: attorney Lisa Bloom, whose clients include Rosie O’Donnell and John Edwards. Bloom used her experience with the media to help Amy’s cause. She contacted the TV show “Oprah” and eventually convinced them to feature the case on their show. The resulting publicity helped the patient get reimbursed for the procedure. She ended up getting the surgery, but not until after the show aired.

1. Before Surgery, Amy Couldn’t Lift a 10-Pound Bag of Potatoes

You might not realize it, but the number one reason people fail to recover from surgery is that they don’t get enough sleep. In fact, getting only 7 hours of sleep per night is actually equivalent to being drunk. You’d be amazed by how much energy you can have when you’re well-rested. Don’t let a simple little thing like

You may be familiar with Amy, the mom who used a grocery cart as a makeshift surgical table when her infant son was born.

surgery stops you from feeling your best.


2. Surgery Successfully Removed the Tumor

Intro: Surgery successfully removed the tumor, but it will take some time for you to get back on your feet and resume your normal activities. While you’re recovering, it’s a good idea to have someone around to help you get through the next phase of your recovery. We’ve created a guide that outlines the basics of what it takes to recover after cancer surgery, including how much time you’ll need to heal and what you can expect during the recovery period.


3. Amy Is Doing Better Now

Amy is doing better now. She had to let go of her anxiety. She was always trying to please everyone else. Her husband and daughter had left her, her boss made her feel unappreciated, she lost her job, and she couldn’t sleep at night. Her life was a mess. Then she met Dr. Ravi.


4. Surgery Made Her Lose Weight

Body: As a mom to two kids, one of which is special needs, there were days when she just didn’t feel like leaving the house, let alone get on a scale. When she did, she found herself shocked by her weight gain. She knew she wasn’t eating well, but when she looked at the scale, she was at least 10 pounds over what she felt comfortable being. That’s when she decided to do something about it. She decided to undergo surgery and lose weight.


5. Surgery Made Her Better Able to Do Things

One of the biggest obstacles to happiness for many people is an unhealthy body. While cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, some people find that this type of medical procedure makes it easier to do things they used to struggle with. Some of these benefits include less muscle pain; improved athletic performance; greater stamina; and an overall sense of confidence. And while some people prefer to do the work necessary to change their bodies without the help of surgery, they can still reap the same benefits by changing their eating habits and getting more exercise. In fact, for the average person, both the body and mind will improve, even without a surgical procedure.


6. Amy’s Recovery Time

Amy’s recovery time is one of the best in her field. Her clients and coworkers know she will work

Amy loves to get her workout in but her busy schedule doesn’t always give her the opportunity. She doesn’t want to miss out on her daily exercise, but she’s always running late for her morning class. In fact, her bus usually leaves her 10 minutes late every time. With Amy, it’s hard to get a good workout in on a consistent basis.

hard and come back with a better product.

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