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What is a ShackledCraft Forum?

What is a ShackledCraft Forum?


Introduction: The ShackledCraft Forum has been around since 2013 and was founded by author Pauline Chan. It is a place where writers and bloggers can meet together to discuss topics related to blogging, writing, and marketing. Since its inception, the forum has grown to become one of the most active communities on the web and has become a staple in the WordPress community. In fact, it is now so popular, that the original founder is branching off into her own site,


What are the Benefits of ShackledCraft Forums?

I’m sick of the same old arguments on message boards about the best design solutions. Why not let a community of designers come together and help you pick the best solution? ShackledCraft is a forum where designers post their design questions, and members provide solutions that they think are the best—all based on community voting. Every time someone submits a design question, ShackledCraft members vote for the one they like best, and then post their own ideas for why that particular design is good (or bad) for the project. The winning design gets voted to be implemented, and everyone wins.


ShackledCraft Forums offers a wide variety of benefits when it comes to e-commerce, SEO and social media marketing. But how do we know these benefits are real and not just hype? We’ll answer that question and go into detail about the advantages of our forums. Here’s a quick overview of the top five reasons why you should join our forums.


Why Should I Attend a ShackledCraft Forum?

We invite you to come away with 1. A new perspective on the current state of the craft beer industry. 2. An idea to add to your marketing toolkit that will generate leads and sales 3. New contacts to help you in your craft beer business 4. Tools to help you increase your sales 5. Answers to your burning questions about the craft beer industry 6. And much more…


So, why should you attend a ShackledCraft forum? After all, you can get the same information anywhere else, right? Here are 5 reasons why you’ll get more from attending a ShackledCraft forum than you will from reading anything else on the internet:


How can I Find a ShackledCraft Forum?

My wife and I have two young children and are on the go all the time. As a mother of two, my wife knows how to pack and travel with ease, but it still can be difficult to travel light when you have two kids. I love being able to travel with minimal gear, so I often look for new ways to keep my gear light, compact, and simple.


As one of the biggest online crafting communities, we get questions about where to post all the time. But it can be hard to figure out where you can post for a particular type of craft. Are there forums specific to knitting, crocheting, quilting, or other crafting topics? There are.


What is the Membership Cost of a ShackledCraft Forum?

When I first joined, I expected that I would have to pay for membership. But to my surprise, when I joined I was shocked to find out that I didn’t have to pay at all. The membership cost is zero, and I have to admit that the shackling has been very helpful.


With the current membership rate of $20/month, it’s a great deal. You can keep your forum forever and access all of the resources it offers. Plus, the forum is built on top of the world’s #1 social media platform, Facebook. So, if you want to keep your members engaged, it’s one of the best options out there.


What is a ShackledCraft Forum?

ShackledCraft Forums are groups of webmasters, developers, designers, marketers, and business owners in one place, where they can discuss, learn, and support each other in their efforts to improve their web sites and online businesses. We all know that building a successful online presence is hard work, and most people would agree that there is no better group of people to help you achieve success than other webmasters and business owners.


Who Should Attend a ShackledCraft Forum?

Who should attend a ShackledCraft Forum? Answer: Those who want to learn the nuts and bolts of getting into a home-based business. You can make thousands of dollars per month working from home without needing to be a rocket scientist. Just be prepared to work hard and pay your dues until you get good at what you do. That’s the advice from the founder of a growing list of online businesses called ShackledCraft. This multi-million dollar home-based business is a great source of income for entrepreneurs who are looking to make a difference in the world while living at home with their families. If you’re ready to make the leap, check out our upcoming free ShackledCraft Forum.

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